How Do I Shop for Navy and White? How do I add it to my account?

To view/shop our Navy and White Kids Collection online, please follow the steps below to add it to your account.

  1. Please visit and hit SHOP
  2. Create your account or log-in to your existing account
  3. When into your account, look for “Your Schools”
  4. If you are a new customer, in the drop down menu choose “NAVY AND WHITE KIDS COLLECTION”.   Hit SUBMIT
  5. For existing customers, choose ADD SECOND SCHOOL.  In the drop down menu, choose “NAVY AND WHITE KIDS COLLECTION”.  Hit SUBMIT
  6. Choose “SHOP” on the navigation bar on the top
  7. The collection should appear, and click on it to begin shopping

You may place your order online or contact one of our Call Center Representatives at 1-800-437-5872.  Additionally, our Markham, Aurora, Barrie and Mississauga East retail stores have Navy and White Kids Collection in-store shopping (by appointment only).

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