How do I check the status of my order?

To check the fulfillment status of your order, we ask that you please log in to your account using your email and password.  Once you have signed in, the main menu will appear.  Please scroll down and to view "Order History."  There you will see all of your current and past orders with DGN Kilters, including payment status and fulfillment history.  For further details about your order, click on the actual order number on the left-hand side.  The full details about that order are shown.  As you scroll down it will let you know the fulfillment history or status of the order.

A packing slip is always included in every order under the shipping label or within the package itself.  The shipping label will show the item(s) that have been recently fulfilled.

On occasion, some orders may be shipped partially.  Once you have clicked on the order that states "partial" the details will appear.  The item(s) that has been fulfilled is in a box, along with the date of fulfillment and the tracking number.  The outstanding item(s) will have no details at that time, and will ship at a later date.

In addition, our system sends shipment notifications by email.  You can see the items that have been shipped in that order, along with a tracking number.  Any outstanding items will not appear in that email, and will ship shortly after.

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