I cannot shop my school collection?

In order to shop online with DGN Kilters, you must begin by creating an account.  Simply begin by creating an account, and follow the necessary menus.  Once your account is completed, choose ADD YOUR SCHOOL.  In the drop down menu, choose your school that you are shopping for and hit SUBMIT.  You may then begin to online shop by choosing SHOP on the top menu.

If you have previously shopped with us and are unable to view your school collection that you had been able to see in the past, simply go to your account details.  Remove the school collection.  Add the school collection once again by choosing the school in the drop down menu and SUBMIT.  Often removing and adding the collection once again will re-fresh and allow you to begin shopping once again.

If a problem still persists, kindly contact us at 1-800-437-5872 to speak to one of our Customer Service Associates, or reach out to us via our Live Chat option.

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