DGN-Kilters Products

  • How do I care for my uniform?

    All of our clothing is machine washable. Any garment with fleece may shrink slightly so we recommend hang-drying those items. It is always important to follow the Care Content tag on our garment for specific instructions. Our more formal dress shirts are machine washable and non-iron. You may p...
  • Is there a suggested uniform package?

    Our recommended package to handle all your uniform needs would consist of the following, 5 Tops / 3 Pants / 2 Sweaters (plus Gym wear if applicable). For Private schools please review school uniform requirements.
  • What if my child has special uniform needs?

    Depending on your child’s special needs, there are various options. Simply call us at 1.800.437.5872 or email us at customerservice@dgn-kilters.com and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible.